"Blue Poppies" by Arta Wijaya, Bali

"Blue Poppies" by Arta Wijaya, Bali

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Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 120 cm

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Originally from Sumatra, Arta moved to Bali 25 years ago where he married a local Balinese woman and started a family. Arta works captured my interest due to his unique primitive style, colourful designs and heavy strokes, typical of an Indonesian native.  

The theme of this Art Collection is "Colourful Poppies". We created this collection to depict the colourful history and influence Opium in Indonesia’s market and trade industry in the West Indies. It's said that once under the influence of this powerful drug you can see flowers in multicolour. Poppies original colours are usually orange or red with black in the centre. Opium flowers also come in orange, pink, white and purple. 

Over 100 years ago, opium was used unrestrictedly as a recreational drug and for medicinal use. Currently, the UN restricts the opium market and trade. Its use is only allowed for fabrication of medicinal drugs and anesthetics aka painkillers, which is highly addicting. The uses of recreational drugs or medical drugs without prescription are forbidden in Indonesia with life in prison or death sentence penalties. Read more about Indonesia's war on drugs at https:indonesiaexpat.biz/lifestyle/indonesia-war-on-drugs/